History of the Sauna and Development of Far Infrared Ray Technology

The Finns popularised sauna use. Their ancient religious ceremonies used it for mental, spiritual, and
physical cleansing. Use of the sauna in their religion stayed with them when they migrated between 5,000 and 3,000 BC from an area northwest of Tibet to their present location in Finland. Native American Indians used sweat lodges for cleansing and purifying, recognizing the health benefits of a sweat as well.

Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa, a member of the Research and Development Department of Fuji Medical, received a patent in 1965 for a zirconia ceramic far infrared heater used in the first healing infrared thermal systems. Medical practitioners in Japan were the only ones using far infrared thermal systems for 14 years. In 1979, they were finally released for public use. The technique has been further refined into far infra red thermal systems that have been sold in the United States since 1981. One use of far infrared heat in the United States has been in the form of panels used in hospital nurseries to warm newborns.

Far Infrared Ray “Deep Heat” is Energy

The FIR far infrared radiation ”Far Infrared Ray” i.e. Deep Heat is Energy, which is transformed to heat when it reaches the human body. Because the far infrared radiation is energy and it is sent deep to the body, it causes a good, refreshing feeling. The health effects of the FIR far infrared heat have been scientifically proven in several international researches. Because the wave length of the FIR far infrared rays is the same inside and outside the body, the healing effect of the rays reaches 3-5 cm inside the body. This way the deep heat also revives the body functions.

FIR improves the blood flow of the skin and metabolism and relieves muscle tension and pain. FIR is a great help for athletes and keep-fit enthusiasts, who need faster recovery in their sports and weight loss in sports with weight classes.

The FIR deep heat is the same heat radiation as the heat radiation of the sun. It is, in fact, exactly the same heat as the heat produced by our bodies e.g. as a result of exercising. FIR goes deep to the body and is transformed to heat energy. Thus the heat energy opens the capillary veins and accelerates the peripheral circulation. The heart rate increases and the blood circulation accelerates. As the result, the body cools itself by producing sweat, and the heart pumps blood faster to the system.

FIR is low-frequency, clean heat radiation with longer wavelength. The heat enters deep to the tissue and removes many harmful and poisonous substances from the body. The FIR is heat radiation with a defined wave-length that moves through the air but it does not heat the air, only the target that it hits. The deep heat absorbs directly to the tissue, so it is not surface heat. The FIR deep heat radiation is also called as far infrared energy, and this radiation heat is familiar, e.g. the sun produces its energy as far infrared rays.

FIR is fully safe and based on NASA’s wide researches in the 80’s, it was concluded that the best way to maintain the ideal blood circulation level of an astronaut during long space flights is to use the FIR far infrared heat. The FIR far infrared heat relieves chronic fatigue and muscle pain and revives the operation of the autonomic nervous system.