This instruction manual contains important safety information and instructions for the use of the product. Read this manual carefully before using the product and keep it for future reference. In case you have questions concerning the product, contact the retailer or the importer. The instruction manual also briefly explains what FIR, or “Far Infrared Ray”, is and how it works. The FIR65º Energy blanket is a FIR ”Far Infrared Ray” deep heat sleeping bag that produces infra-red radiation and stimulates the body very effectively from a near distance.

The FIR65º energy blanket suits for the whole family, for athletes, weight watchers, beauty salons, gyms and generally for all as a part of comprehensive well-being. The product is very easy to use and it does not take a lot of space.


1. Place the bag on an even surface
2. Place the power source next to the blanket and plug the power cord to the wall outlet.
3. Turn the main switch behind the power source on. The light of the ”ON/OFF” button of the control unit is lit. The device is not on yet.
4. Press the ”ON/OFF” button, and the digital display shows the default adjustments: temperature 42˚C and time 40 min
5. Adjust the time and the temperature with the ( + ) and ( – ) buttons
6. Press the ”START” button, the green light turn on and the heating starts.
7. Place the control unit to the upper left corner of the bag to its own place.
8. Pull the zipper down and lie down inside the bag, so that only your head and face are outside the bag.
9. Pull the shoulder covers tight, pull the right cover with your left and the left cover with your right hand – Pull the zipper up.
10. You can adjust the time and temperature during the heating by pushing your hands out of the bag.
11. If you want to stop the use, press the ”START” button. When the light turns off, the heating is stopped.
12. When the timer is finished, you hear a sound three ( 3 ) times, the time display indicates ( 0 ) and the heating ends.
13. Press the ”ON/OFF” button to shut down the device.
14. Turn the main switch behind the power source (white box) off and unplug the power cord.
15. Open the blanket fully open to let it breathe and wipe the inside of the product with a moist cloth – if you want, you can use disinfection


1. The product is not designed for medical treatment purposes.
2. In home use, place the blanket on a bed or on the floor – If you use the product on the floor, it is recommendable to use some protection under the blanket.
3. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after using the product.
4. The product must be used once a day on a regular basis to maximize its effects on the body.
5. The product can be used daily even two ( 2 ) times e.g. in the morning/evening.
6. Never heat the product empty for longer than 5 minutes.
7. We recommend using the product continuously for 95 minutes at a time.
8. When the heating time is finished, press the ”ON/OFF” button as you exit the blanket.
9. Unplug the power cord always after use and also when cleaning the blanket.
10. Do not use the product for sleeping.
11. Protect the blanket from sharp objects and metal – Do not use the product if the surface is broken
12. Do not use any spare parts of accessories which are not designed for this product
13. Do not repair, open or change parts of the product by yourself.
14. Do not use the product in water or in a humid room.
15. Keep the product sufficiently far from any heating devices of the room.
16. Do not throw or drop the product.
17. Keep the product out of the reach of children and pets.
18. Interrupt the use of the product immediately if you do not feel good or something abnormal happens during the use of the product.
19. Do not use the device 30 minutes prior or after heavy eating.
20. Do not use the product during a thunderstorm; unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
21. Do not rotate or pull the power cord or the wire of the control unit by force.
22. The product can be used without clothes e.g. with shorts/underwear or you can wear e.g. a jogging suit
23. The product can cleaned after use with general non-corrosive cleaning substance and a moist cloth.
24. Spread the product open after every use, so that the cleaning and drying are easy.
25. We recommend two different ways to use the product: 1.) for maximizing metabolism and sweating, we recommend a temperature of 55-60˚C and the product should be used continuously for 45-60 minutes 2.) for general relaxing we recommend a temperature of 45-50˚C and the product should be used continuously for 30-35 minutes.
26. If the product is used several times in a row, let the product cool between the uses for approximately 15 minutes.
27. The product can be used together with e.g. different body oils.
28. The use of anticoagulants does not prevent the use of the product.
29. If you feel nausea during the first time you use the product, it may be because your body reacts strongly on the acceleration of metabolism.


1. Do not clean with a strong or corrosive cleaning substance, benzene, thinner etc.
2. Wipe the control unit always with a dry cloth; do not use a moist cloth for cleaning the control unit.
3. Always clean the blanket part with a moist cloth after the use, e.g. with a cotton towel moistened with water | Use only mild disinfection
4. If you do not use the product for a long time, store it in a dry and cool place and protect the product from getting dusty
5. Do not use the product in dusty environment or in temperatures of over 40˚C.
6. Never leave the product out exposed to rain, direct sunlight, light or UV rays.
7. Do not keep the product too close to open fire, fireplace, and heaters, and make sure that the room has adequate ventilation.
8. Use the blanket on an even surface or in a gentle angle leaning to a sofa e.g. when watching TV – pillows can be placed under your head.
9. Do not use the product if the temperature of the environment changes rapidly (humid/cold/freezing).


The following things shall be considered before using the product. – If you are ill or are not aware of your health or you use medication, consult your doctor about using the product. If the user has a pacemaker, metal plates, artificial joints or other surgical implants, e.g. silicone, you should always ask your own doctor about the deep heat treatment. The use of the product is not recommended in the following cases: acute injury, serious inflammation, insufficiency of heart circulation, heart disease, circulatory system disorders, blood coagulation disorders, large scars, reduced sense of touch, tumors, the lack of consciousness or communication, which may prevent from telling when the product causes discomfort or pain. Pregnant women must not use the product.